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Prepare the Way empowers Christians with the knowledge and support they need to uphold a biblical worldview in an increasingly secular society. We partner with churches in equipping Christians through a variety of presentations for both adult and youth audiences that provide practical guidance in transforming our culture for Christ. Explore our Speaking Topics for a more detailed description of our presentations and watch some videos of Stephen preaching and teaching.

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It’s been an exciting summer here at Prepare the Way Ministries! After celebrating our largest Christian Youth Summit last April with Josh and Sean McDowell, we launched our first published book, Navigating Public Schools. We want to THANK ALL OF YOU who have partnered with us this year and made this all possible.

(This is the second in a series on religious freedom in public schools.) Your public school student DOES have the right to share the gospel with their fellow students and teachers.

6:30 PM, Tuesday, August 30th New Hope Church, Bend, OR

The First Amendment was never intended to insulate our public institutions from any mention of God, the Bible or religion. When such insulation occurs, another religion, such as secular humanism, is effectively established.
- U.S. District Court, in Crockett v. Sorenson (1983)

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