Bend Community Church

A small group focused church.
Mission Statement:
"Making Christ-like disciples in our communities."

Stephen and Sarah Williams are planting a Bible-based, small group focused church in Bend, Oregon in 2014. This is a separate ministry from Prepare the Way Ministries and will eventually have a separate website. This will be a bi-vocational, part-time, effort by them. Stephen will continue to serve as the executive director of Prepare the Way Ministries in a full-time capacity. The Lord has clearly given confirmation that Prepare the Way Ministries is his primary ministry focus as the ministry continues to grow.

What does it mean to be a small-group focused church?
Bend Community Church will focus the vast majority of its resources in supporting the small group gathering. We call them Community Groups. They will meet every week on Sunday. They will function like a small church with a pastor and support staff. They will mostly meet in homes, but could also meet in a cafe, business, or even Phil's Trail parking lot... Wherever life happens, we will be starting community groups and doing church, sharing the gospel and making Christ-like disciples.

The Large Group gathering, or Corporate Worship Service, will take place once or twice a month, with all the community groups coming together for a mid-week service that will include preaching and music. We will simply rent an existing church for this service.

Stephen previously served part time as Small Groups Pastor at Mission Church and has received the confirmation and blessing from his local senior pastor and denomination's district for this church plant.

For more information feel free to contact Stephen (see below).

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