The War Within: Gaining Victory in the Battle for Sexual Purity

Book Author: Bob Reehm
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: January 29, 2014

“A brutally honest book about the battle for sexual purity that will encourage all men who want to live godly lives” – Jerry Bridges, Author of the Pursuit of Holiness

“This book hits a raw nerve! Most of us would rather avoid the sensitive issues it addresses. But we ignore them at the price of our holiness, our families, and our personal self-esteem—not to mention our spiritual walk. A “MUST READ’ for men” – –Dr. Jerry White, author and past-President of The Navigators

“A strikingly honest and hard-hitting book that provides both hope and a practical battle plan. At a time when pornography and sexual impurity ravage the church, this biblical treatise is a much-needed resource for the Christian community.”
–Art Athens, Former Executive Director, Officer’s Christian Fellowship

Sexual sins are some of the most difficult to conquer. They’re also some of the most destructive—leaving individuals, marriages, families and churches devastated. Facing sexual temptations daily, too often unfaithful in thought or deed, persistently assaulted by the world, the flesh and the Devil, can men and women today possibly win the war for sexual purity?

This courageous book offers a resounding “YES!” It also provides a battle strategy based on the promises and power of God—and on the author’s experiences in breaking a 25-year long struggle with sexual sin. Newly revised and expanded, this book will lead you to a new level of purity and will encourage you that in this terribly private struggle, you are never alone.

Bob Reehm is on staff with the Navigators Military ministry. Married to his wife for over 30 years, he has three adult children and 3 (so-far) GRAND-children. He lives in Marina, CA, and ministers at the Naval Post Graduate School and the Defense Language Institute.

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