Standing Firm (Biblical Worldview/Apologetics)

Equipping Christians to give a logical defense of the faith, identify stumbling blocks in society, and influence our culture for Christ.

Speaker: Stephen Williams

Only 13% of self-professing Christians have a Biblical worldview – The Barna Group

Questions we will explore over the course of several sessions:

Part 1: What is the problem?

  • Many Christians are not ready to give a logical defense of the Christian faith to skeptics.
  • Over 50% of Christian youth are walking away from their faith when they leave home.
  • There is a worldview crisis within the body of Christ.

Part 2: Is the Bible reliable?

  • The Bible is the most reliable document in all of antiquity. (Bibliographic/Manuscript Evidence)
  • The Scriptures are historically and archaeologically accurate. (External evidence for Christianity)
  • The authors of the Bible were eyewitnesses who were detailed and accurate. (Internal Evidence)
  • Ways to respond to skeptics.

Part 3: What is a worldview and why should we care?

  • Our worldview impacts everything we do, say and think.
  • A Christian worldview is the most rational, reasonable, logical, and historically reliable.
  • Arguments for God can be made in accordance with reality on every level including logic, cosmological, teleological, and moral.

Part 4:  How is history being changed and what are the results?

  • Historical revisionism happens through biased presentation, omission and lack of primary source references.
  • Revisionist history causes an increase in hostility towards Christianity.
  • The gospel and a Christian worldview has positively influenced every culture it has touched.

Part 5: Are science and Christianity compatible?

  • Why do atheists attempt to use “science” in attacking a Christian worldview?
  • Why is Darwinian evolution a religion and how is this failed theory being used to undermine Christians?

Part 6: Godly Sexuality

  • How has today’s sex-saturated society impacted Christians?
  • What is the Bible’s definition of gender, sexuality, and purity, and how are these being distorted in culture?

Part 7: Discipleship

  • Why is being involved in discipleship so critical to every believer?

Part 8: Influencing Culture

  • What would happen if the 60 million Bible-believing Christians in America decided to influence and impact the culture around them?
  • How can Christians impact their spheres of influence in households, schools, workplaces, communities and social issues and who is God calling to be His ambassadors?

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