Speaking Topics and Schedule – 2024 Christian Youth Summit – Register Now!

Speaking Topics and Schedule – 2024 Christian Youth Summit – Register Now!

Get fired up for another empowering Christian Youth Summit! Please register now as this will probably fill up. Registration is FREE and required to attend.

FRIDAY, April 26
(5:45 PM) Doors Open – Check-In and Seating
(6:15) Welcome (Bryon Mengle, Master of Ceremonies) & Worship Music (Youth-Led Worship Band)
(7:00) General Session #1: Stephen Williams {Founder/Director Prepare the Way Ministries} – What’s a Worldview and Why Should I Care?: Everyone has a worldview. The question is this…is it a good one or not? In this session, we’ll break down the components of a worldview and explore key questions everyone should be asking. In addition, we will overview a basic Biblical/Christian worldview and explore some of the competing worldviews seeking to undermine Christianity.
(8:20) General Session #2: Prof. Sean McDowell {Apologist/Author/Professor} – Evidence for the New Testament: In this session, Sean presents the historical evidence for how accurately the New Testament has been preserved through history. Even though publicized opinions often claim there is reason for skepticism, recent findings actually strengthen the case for the reliability and trustworthiness of the Scriptures. Sean presents the three main lines of evidence from within the Bible, the transmission of ancient documents, and from archaeology outside the Bible.

SATURDAY, April 27
(9:00 AM) Welcome Back & Worship Music
(9:20) General Session #3: Prof. Sean McDowell {Apologist/Author/Professor} – Using Technology Wisely: How can we think biblically about smartphones and social media? In this session, we will look at how smartphones affect our relationships, how we think, and how to develop good technology habits.

(10:30) Breakout Sessions with Different Talks to Choose From (at 10:30 a.m. & 2 p.m.):
Dr. Titus Kennedy {Archaeologist/Author}Archaeology and Joshua: Myth, Legend, or History? (Morning Only): Over the last several decades, archaeologists have uncovered extensive evidence for the narratives in the book of Joshua, demonstrating that the conquest of Canaan recorded in the Bible was not mythological propaganda, but a series of important historical events verified by archaeological discoveries.
– Roy Swart {Founder/President The Ambassadors Forum} – Science and Christianity
– Mark Schaufler {Founder/President MST Ministries} – A Proactive Approach to Suicide Prevention
– Makyra Williamson {Oregon Right to Life} – Abortion 101
– TJ Auten {Eastmont Church Youth Pastor} Male Only – Walking in Purity
– Jean Thorson {Director Fellowship of Christian Athletes} Female Only – Find Real Joy in Life: Excellence over Perfection

(11:30) Lunch Provided (Chick-fil-A)
(12:35) General Session #4: Prof. Sean McDowell {Apologist/Author/Professor} – If God Why Evil?: The problem of evil and suffering is undoubtedly one of the greatest challenges raised against God. Christians must respond empathetically, but also with truth. Sean begins this session by providing a helpful road map for personally helping people who are suffering. He then tackles the intellectual challenge of evil, showing that the existence of evil itself is actually a positive proof for the existence of God, and that the so-called “problem of evil” does not pose a trenchant problem for the Christian faith.
(2:00) Breakout Sessions (See above)
(3:00) Summit Q&A with Panel: Dr. Sean McDowell, Stephen Williams, Dr. Sarah Williams, and Others
(3:30) Closing and Prizes
(4:00) Conference Ends

For the past several years, we have offered this event for FREE in order to reach more students with the life-changing, faith-building messages delivered at the Summit. Please click here to donate and impact the faith of the next generation and to help us cover the many costs of putting on this event.


“I have NEVER been to a conference where I walked away with such great confidence that the kids I brought both gleaned truth and had fun.  I have been to many many different conferences and youth events, some of them big name ones, some smaller;  this was by far the most useful, spiritually uplifting youth event that I have ever been to. EVER!!!! No conference has ever (until now) provided to me or to the young kids that I minster to, the historical, scientific, logical reasons to believe in Christ. The kids I brought were blessed…”       – Youth pastor

“The first year I attended the Summit in 8th grade I had no idea about the challenges I would face concerning my faith in the next four years as I entered high school…because of the Youth Summit I was prepared for challenges to my faith that came along. Having been going to the Youth Summit for the past four years, I am now more equipped than ever to stand firm in my faith as I enter into our world with a Christian worldview that has been built on a firm foundation…”   – 16 year old

For more information about the yearly Christian Youth Summit, click here: www.ChristianYouthSummit.org


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