Navigating Public Schools

Resource Page for Christians in Public Schools

Below is a list of resources for Christians involved in any way on public school campuses across America. We pray these resources will help you navigate our education system and empower you to be salt and light. “As a public school teacher for ten years, Stephen Williams saw firsthand the challenges facing Christians in public schools, and he desires to equip parents to protect their children’s faith and worldview…” – Josh McDowell

Recent book by Stephen and Sarah Williams of Prepare the Way Ministries…

Who should read this book?

Navigating Public Schools will empower Christian parents to navigate the increasingly secular public school system with the aim to 1) cultivate strong relationships with their children in a season of immense secular pressure; 2) help their children stand firm in their Christian faith and Biblical worldview; 3) exercise their rights on campus; 4) become salt and light for Jesus Christ.

This book will also be a powerful resource for all Christians involved in schoolsteachers, administrators, staff, extra-curricular groups, Christian club volunteers, youth leaders, pastors—as they learn to discern the misapplication of the “separation of church and state” and appropriately live out their Christian faith on public school campuses.

“… Weaving the story of the court case he was involved in makes the book intriguing on multiple levels.” – Josh McDowell ( Author of Evidence that Demands a Verdict and More Than a Carpenter

“At a time when religious liberty is under attack from all sides, Navigating Public Schools is a much needed resource for parents, students, and teachers in public schools to remind them that they actually have robust Constitutional freedoms at school. Stephen’s own story of how he courageously took a stand and victoriously asserted those freedoms in the face of intense opposition should serve as an inspiration for others across our country to do the same.” – Gary McCalebAlliance Defending Freedom (

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Schedule Stephen Williams to Speak at Your Church, Group or Organization

Rev. Stephen Williams speaks nationally on Navigating Public Schools and a variety of Biblical worldview topics. See Prepare the Way Ministries’ Speaking Topics with outlines of covered material and video samples.

Christian Educators Association International (

Protection: We Protect Christian Educators in Their Profession

We protect our Members with Coverage with 3 major protections.
  • Pays up to $2 million for damages arising from professional liability and employment liability lawsuits.
  • A Job Action Protection benefit that provides a local attorney to represent educators.
  • Unlimited Educational and Legal Consultation with our legal counsel and support professionals.

In whatever situation you face, we will walk through it with you, praying with you, and counseling you, all from a Biblical worldview.

Ministry: We Equip Christian Educators to Transform Their Schools

To raise up and equip transformed educators, we’ve developed three ministry initiatives.
  • Teach with Faith (Not Fear): a free webinar that explains how to walk out your faith legally in public schools.
  • LIFT America: LIFT gatherings equip and inspire educators to take Jesus into our schools—to abide, listen, and follow the voice of the Holy Spirit to extend God’s Kingdom.
  • The Daniel Project: Weekend and summer trainings to raise up missional educational leaders who are transforming schools all over the nation.

Gateways to Better Education (

Helping public school educators, parents and school leaders teach about the important contribution the Bible and Christianity make to the world. We show them how to do this legally and appropriately within existing constitutional boundaries, current laws, and state academic standards.

Gateways has extensive resources and articles for all Christians in public schools. Click here for articles by category.

“This book will empower Christian teachers, parents, and students to navigate the often turbulent waters of our public schools. Navigating Public Schools doesn’t enter into the debate about whether or not Christian students should be in public schools. It recognizes the fact that the majority of Christian kids are in public schools and so need to be discerning about what they are taught. Anyone involved in public schools—including staff, volunteers, extra-curricular groups, and all who are hungry for guidance on the journey—will find this book helpful. It clarifies what rights Christians have in the school system and how we can exercise those rights in a loving, yet effective, way.”
Eric Buehrer
President, Gateways to Better Education