American Heritage Sermon Series

July 4th: A Celebration of History

  • Does God care about an accurate accounting of history?
  • History highlights His faithful ones and His faithfulness.
  • What is the history of the signing of the Declaration of Independence?
  • Is our history being portrayed accurately?
  • Was Christ and the Bible an important part of American history and what role was religion to play?
  • How can we grow in faith by looking at our nation’s founding?

Stephen presents an encouraging and uplifting message to believers around this important holiday celebrating the birth of our nation.

Thanksgiving: A Uniquely American Holiday

  • Why is Thanksgiving Day a uniquely American holiday?
  • What is the history of this holiday?
  • Why is it important to give thanks and to Whom do we give thanks?
  • Was the Christian faith an important part of the heritage of our nation?

This sermon encourages believers in the power of giving thanks based on Scripture, as well as the historical roots of this holiday in America.

President’s Day (in February): The Faith of Our Founders

  • What is the history of the President’s Day holiday?
  • How did faith influence the Founders and presidents of the United States?
  • Why are so many not aware of the significant role that Christianity played in the lives of most presidents?

Be encouraged by the faith of our founders and many of our presidents.

National Day of Prayer (in May): The Power of Prayer in Our Nation’s History

  • Why is prayer so vital to our relationship with God?
  • How did prayer impact the founding of our nation?
  • What is the history of the National Day of Prayer?
  • How can we be encouraged in our faith on this day?

See how prayer has been an integral part of our history and be encouraged in your own prayer life. Let’s pray for a fourth Great Awakening in America.