Navigating Public Schools

Charting a course to uphold a Biblical worldview on public school campuses.

Speaker: Stephen Williams

Questions We Will Explore:

Part 1: The Influence of Christianity on Public Education and Government

  • What role did Christianity play in education?
  • What role did Christianity play in our government?
  • What was the original intent of the First Amendment?
  • How has it been changed recently?

Part 2: What are the Hidden Dangers in Public Schools?

  • Is there really a threat to our children’s Christian worldview in education?
  • How does a secular humanist worldview clash with a Biblical worldview?
  • What areas of curriculum are most influenced by a secular agenda?

Part 3: Why Should We Care?

  • How does a secular agenda in public education threaten our kids?
  • How is our witness at risk?
  • How is our society at risk?

Part 4: Taking Action

  • How can Christians take appropriate action?
  • What are your rights?
  • Where can concerned citizens find resources?

This video is the introduction from a conference that Stephen gave on Navigating Public Schools: