Leading With A Pure Heart

Empowering men in the area of purity and equipping them to lead more effectively within their families, churches, and culture.

Speaker: Stephen Williams

Topics We Will Explore:

Part 1: The Impact of Impurity on our Culture and Churches

  • What does the Bible say about purity?
  • How has the pornography industry impacted our society?
  • Why is the Church at a breaking point in terms of impurity?
  • Why must we take action personally and corporately?

Part 2: Becoming a Leader with a Pure Heart

  • Why are purity and leadership so intertwined? (example of King David)
  • How does purity affect leadership among single men?
  • How does purity affect leadership of the family structure?
  • How does purity affect leadership within the Church?

Part 3: Tools for Overcoming Impurity

  • Why we must overcome the power of secret sin.
  • Why is confession to others so difficult?
  • What is healthy accountability?
  • How can we harness the transformative power of Christ?

Part 4: The Power of a Transformed Life

  • Escaping Jericho–Rahab’s story
  • Stephen’s testimony
  • Why God does not define us by our past
  • Personal victory leads to corporate victory

Part 5: Shining Light in the Darkness: Transforming Our Culture

  • For the sake of our children
  • For the sake of our families
  • For the sake of our witness
  • Harnessing the power of prayer