America at a Crossroads

Discover the rich Christian heritage of our nation, how it has been secularized, and ways Christians can answer God’s call to impact our culture.

Speaker: Stephen Williams

Questions We Will Explore:

Part 1. The Influence of Christianity on Public Education, Government, and Society

  • What role did Christianity play in public education?
  • What role did Christianity play in our government and society?
  • What was the original intent of the First Amendment in regards to religion and how has it been changed recently?
  • How has the Judicial branch usurped power and what is the remedy?

Part 2: A Biblical Worldview Under Attack

  • How does a secular humanist worldview clash with a biblical worldview?
  • How has our education system been secularized?
  • Is our history being portrayed accurately today?
  • Is Darwinian evolution proven fact or religious faith?
  • How has God been removed from morality and public life?

Part 3: Why Should We Care?

  • How does a secular agenda threaten our kids?
  • How is our witness at risk?
  • How is our society at risk?

Part 4: Taking Action in Upholding a Biblical Worldview

  • Does God call us to influence culture?
  • Why does influencing our culture begin in the home?
  • How can the institutional church take action?
  • Are Christians called to influence social issues?
  • How can Christians influence schools, the workplace, and communities?
  • Who is God calling to impact our culture?
  • Does Silence = Consent?
  • Where can concerned citizens find resources?


Sermon Overview of America at a Crossroads Seminar by Stephen Williams