Speaking Topics

We currently offer 4 main seminars:

(click on the title/link to see an outline of each topic)

  1. Standing Firm (Biblical Worldview/Apologetics):
    Equipping Christians to give a logical defense of the faith, identify stumbling blocks in society, and influence our culture for Christ.
  2. America at a Crossroads:
    Discover the rich Christian heritage of our nation, how it has been secularized, and ways Christians can answer God’s call to impact our culture.
  3. Navigating Public Schools:
    Charting a course to uphold a Christian worldview and become salt and light in the education system.
  4. Leading with a Pure Heart:
    Empowering men in the area of purity and equipping them to lead more effectively within their families, churches, and culture.

Each topic can be done in a short 30 minute overview or a more in-depth seminar/workshop of several hours in length.

Schedule a seminar/workshop at your church, group, or organization today by contacting us.

Also check out our American Heritage Sermon Series:

  1. July 4th: A Celebration of History
  2. Thanksgiving: A Uniquely American Holiday
  3. President’s Day: The Faith of Our Founders
  4. National Day of Prayer: The Power of Prayer in Our Nation’s History

Invite Stephen to preach at your church around one of these holidays.