20 Year Anniversary of 9-11… Never Forget

20 Year Anniversary of 9-11… Never Forget

This Saturday marks the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks by Muslim terrorists in 2001. Stephen Williams recorded his thoughts after visiting the 9-11 Memorial and Museum this past summer, shortly after the Biden/Harris administration announced plans to leave Afghanistan.

The stunningly foolish decision by the Biden/Harris administration to completely pull out of Afghanistan has disastrous ramifications. A new generation of Afghans were being educated, including women and girls, for the first time in the country’s history. Now the Taliban is rounding up women who are advocating for women’s rights and beating them, executing them, and selling them into slavery. The blood of these women is directly on the Biden/Harris administration. The irony of Biden’s timing–right before the 20th anniversary of 9/11– is tragic.

Our family was deeply moved by the incredible courage displayed at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. When people were desperately trying to get out of the World Trade Center, first responders were rushing in. These stories are so moving and deserve to be remembered. However, we as a nation need to let this remembering move us to awareness and action. Yes, we need to remember the courage of the first responders and patriots on 9/11 and the thousands of American soldiers who lost their lives and limbs in the past 20 years. But we also need to be aware that just because Americans left Afghanistan, the war is not over. The Muslim terrorists’ goals have not changed. Biden and Harris seem to be oblivious that the war is alive and well in Afghanistan. We must be aware that it’s alive for us. The Taliban now have an entire country to serve as a base for planning future attacks again. We pray for leaders who will make wise decisions. Never forget.


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