A Conflicted Mother’s Day and the Potential Pro-Life Victory in the Supreme Court

A Conflicted Mother’s Day and the Potential Pro-Life Victory in the Supreme Court

Today, we celebrate moms. In fact, under the leadership of the United States of America in 1907, most of the world has adopted the 2nd Sunday in May as the official holiday. Yet this Mother’s Day is unlike any that we have experienced in the United States. The issue of bringing human life into the world this past week has sparked controversy that is tragically causing violence around the country. This year, we have a conflicted Mother’s Day, where many who have been deceived by Planned Parenthood, liberal Democrats and the elite media are causing riots and harassment of anyone who is pro-life. Even today on Mother’s Day, Supreme Court justices are being harassed in their homes, and Pregnancy Resource Centers and churches around the country are being vandalized and threatened. We believe that it is only a matter of time until people are hurt or killed because of this irrational hatred.

Roe v. Wade/Doe v. Bolton (legalizing abortion in 1973) and Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992), were some of the most poorly adjudicated cases in Supreme Court history, on par with Dred Scott v. Sandford (legalizing racism/segregation in 1857). Even many liberal scholars recognize the legal grounds as weak. For that reason, the courts would eventually need a different legal framework for this issue and the Supreme Court has likely decided the time is now. Let’s be clear. If the Supreme Court’s illegally leaked decision this past week in the Dobbs case is finalized, it will simply let each individual state decide how to handle the issue of abortion. Yet, we are all hearing extreme rhetoric coming out of the most liberal states on this decision. What is ironic is that all of those liberal states have already enshrined abortion on demand through all of pregnancy. So this recent decision will not change a thing in those liberal states. Yet liberals are fomenting hatred towards anyone who holds the view that abortion is wrong.

Let’s take my state of Oregon for example. Not only is abortion allowed in all trimesters of pregnancy, but it is funded by the state as well. Sadly none of this would change with the likely Supreme Court decision. Oregon funnels millions of tax dollars to support the abortion-on-demand industry and actively promotes this ideology, as well. If that wasn’t enough, anyone can have a partial birth abortion in Oregon for any reason whatsoever. This is the horrific act of partially delivering a baby, killing it, then fully delivering the dead baby. Everyone should be informed about the various methods of abortion. They include some of the most barbaric acts known to mankind under the guise of women’s healthcare. Women’s healthcare? Killing a baby has nothing to do with healthcare. Which leads to the issue of personhood.

Citizens in each state have a right to make laws based on their moral views of human rights. Many states have decided that human rights do in fact begin in the womb. They have let their legislators craft laws and their citizens vote on those laws that deal with the question – when does a baby become a person? Some democrats have proposed that they are not persons until a mother leaves the hospital… really? This would be laughable if it wasn’t a stark reality. The worldview of so many in our culture today has been influenced by liberal activism regarding a woman’s supposed right to abortion at any stage of pregnancy. Take Maryland’s Senate Bill 669, for example, where a baby delivered in a hospital can be left to die up to 28 days after birth. Nowhere in the Constitution is there a right to an abortion. Everywhere in the Constitution is the right to protect the rights of persons. When a baby becomes a person is at the heart of where this debate should be going. It is painfully obvious that any late-term abortion is wrong. The baby is clearly a person. In Oregon, we need to have the real discussion about when that happens.

We now have woke liberal mobs attacking and threatening anyone who does not agree with them, including churches and ministries this Mother’s Day. It is just a matter of time before someone gets hurt or killed by these thugs who so rabidly want to defend a woman’s right to kill her baby, even with late term abortions. We need to stand for righteousness and denounce their tactics. The truth is that God “knit you together in your mother’s womb.” Life is a gift from God that should be honored and celebrated.

As you celebrate Mother’s Day today, please say a prayer for all the moms who are contemplating having an abortion. Pray for all those who have had an abortion or are encouraging anyone to have an abortion. Pray for your local Pregnancy Resource Centers. Some of you may have heard me (Stephen Williams) share my personal experiences with this difficult and painful topic. As I have shared in some of my talks, as an atheist, I encouraged a girlfriend to get an abortion, and it began a horrible downward spiral in her life and haunted me. All abortions not only kill the baby, but spiritually harm all those involved as well.


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