Apologetics Conference Equipped Christians this Past Weekend

Apologetics Conference Equipped Christians this Past Weekend

The Worldview and Apologetics Conference (held at Southwest Hills in Beaverton, OR) sold out this past weekend with roughly 320 attendees from over 44 churches in Oregon, Washington. Prepare the Way Ministries, Biola University, and Southwest Hills Baptist Church co-sponsored the conference.

Keynote speakers included Professors J.P. Moreland, Craig Hazen, and John Bloom of Biola University. They all delivered empowering talks on topics including Arguments for the Existence of God, The Anatomy of Unbelief and Archaeological Apologetics.  The crowd especially enjoyed an interactive panel discussion that included all of the keynote speakers. Breakout session speakers delivered excellent talks on a variety of relevant topics and about a dozen Christian ministries were on-site with resources. A special interactive discussion forum for high school and college-aged students called “A-Pizza-getics” was held Friday night with over 50 in attendance.

Many thanks to Southwest Hills for hosting and to the many volunteers who made the event a success. There were numerous helpers at the church who went above and beyond to make this memorable for all the attendees. Stay tuned for future conferences! Join our email update list to stay connected with Prepare the Way Ministries and future events.

It’s so encouraging to see Christians invest their time in becoming better ambassadors for Christ in our culture.First Peter 3:15 says this: “Always be ready to give a logical defense for the hope that is within you. But do it courteously and respectfully.” The Greek word for “logical defense” is apologia, which is where we get our term “apologetic.” It means to give a logical defense, a rational argument, or a reasoned explanation… Are you ready for more?

We are planning our 12th Christian Youth Summit to be held in Bend, Oregon on March 8-9, 2019. Stay tuned for a big announcement on our keynote soon…



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