Our Apologetics Conference Was a Huge Success This Past Weekend

Our Apologetics Conference Was a Huge Success This Past Weekend

The Worldview and Apologetics Conference sold out this past weekend with roughly 330 attendees from over 60 churches in Oregon, Washington and California. Prepare the Way Ministries and Biola University co-sponsored the conference and Southwest Hills (Beaverton, OR) generously served as the host church.

Keynote speakers included Greg Koukl of Stand to Reason, Craig Hazen and Clay Jones of Biola University. They delivered empowering talks on topics including Morality and Relativism, the Story of Reality and a Christian Worldview, and the Problem of Evil. The crowd especially enjoyed an interactive panel discussion that included all of the keynote speakers. Breakout session speakers delivered excellent talks on a variety of relevant topics and over a dozen Christian ministries were on-site with resources.

Many thanks to Southwest Hills for hosting and to the many volunteers who made the event a success. There were numerous helpers at the church who went above and beyond the call of duty. We had many people express a desire to see another Worldview and Apologetics Conference, so stay tuned! Join our email update list to stay connected with Prepare the Way Ministries and future events.


  1. Char Kolzow

    Press on, Stephen!!! May God grant responsive hearers empowering them for His greater service!!

    Reply November 8, 2017
  2. Steven Morasch

    The program was excellent. The logic and reason in the presentations was eye opening. Positive and upbeat.
    People who are searching for answers in Life should attend or watch a video of a presentation like this. God provides answers.

    Reply November 8, 2017
  3. Rick Elzinga

    We’re ready to host again anytime!

    Reply November 8, 2017

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