Breakout Sessions at the 2019 Christian Youth Summit

Breakout Sessions at the 2019 Christian Youth Summit

Teens, parents and leaders have appreciated the diversity of breakout session speaking topics from a Biblical worldview at the Summit:

The Summit is coming up just 1 week from today on March 8-9, 2019 in Bend, Oregon! Professor Mary Jo Sharp and Nathan Betts will be our keynote speakers, but we also have a great lineup of breakout session speakers and topics. There will be 7 breakout sessions to choose from on Saturday. All sessions will be given in both the 10:30 AM and 2 PM breakout sessions (unless otherwise noted). See below for breakout session speaking topicsregister NOW (please register before Tuesday if possible)!

Mike Caba – Archaeology and the Bible

An examination of 20 archaeological artifacts that support the historical reliability of the Bible and also help us to better understand the Bible.

Prof. Ron Marrs – Adolescent Identity Development (Adults/Leaders Session)

In this workshop we will discuss the process adolescents go through to develop their identity with the goal that they will find their identity in Christ.

Pastor Andrew Sullivan – Walking in Purity (Male Only)

In this session we will look at the Biblical way to walk in purity as a young man.

Dr. Sarah Williams – Destination… Healthy Relationships (Female Only)

Following God’s Signposts for Purity (and Avoiding Painful Detours)

Rev. Stephen Williams – Navigating Public Schools

Charting a course to uphold a Biblical worldview and be a light for Christ in public schools.

Liberty Pike – What do I need to know about abortion?

It’s a big, intimidating topic but this workshop will boil it down to the (non-graphic) basics you need to know.

Greg Clift – His Story and Yours

The focus of this breakout session will enhance your understanding of the Biblical narrative in relationship to your life’s story.

Nathan Betts, The Power of Truth in an Anything-Goes Age (AM Only)

We now live in a fake-news age. While distrust seems to be at an all-time high, we still long for truth. One of the inescapable questions of humanity is what is truth and how do we know it? In this talk, Nathan Betts will discuss the current cultural landscape and share how the Christian faith has incredibly good news to offer us, and to the culture in which we live.

Mary Jo Sharp – Responding to the Intolerance of the New Tolerance (PM Only)

We live in a confused world in which the truth is exchanged for lie. One exchange that is affecting Christians is that tolerance is exchanged for intolerance. Not only are people unsure of what’s offensive or of what’s not offensive, it seems more and more that the term “offensive” is being associated almost exclusively with Christian beliefs. “Who are you to judge” and “that’s hate speech” are rampant slogans of our day. In this session, we will look at how Christians can respond to the accusation of intolerance.

Registration is FREE and required to attend. Click here to register now and for more information on this year’s event.


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