Check Out Jonathan Noyes’ Speaking Topics for the Christian Youth Summit

Check Out Jonathan Noyes’ Speaking Topics for the Christian Youth Summit

The 2020 Christian Youth Summit is on March 13-14 in Bend, Oregon. We are very excited for our keynote speakers, Kim Meeder, Co-founder of Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch, and Jon Noyes, with the national apologetics ministry Stand to Reason

Jonathan Noyes is a popular speaker with Stand to Reason in the LA area. Jon is passionate about engaging the culture with honest well-thought out reasons why people should trust a Christian worldview. As an atheist Jonathan used to think belief in God was unwarranted and actually irresponsible. Then, after examining the evidence for Christianity he was faced with the fact that Jesus is who He says He is and the Christian worldview tells the true story of reality. 

Here are the talks that Jonathan will be giving at the Summit:

Truth in a Relativistic World  (Friday night)

We live in a relativistic world where truth has become secondary to feelings and pleasure. If there were a slogan for the reigning system of beliefs in our culture today it would be, “It’s true for you, but not for me.” During this talk, Jon will explain the history of relativism, showing how it’s become the prominent belief in our society, influencing morality and the church. He will then offer some tools that help others see what’s wrong with relativism and why it doesn’t accurately reflect the world around us.

Tactics: How to Discuss Spiritual Things (Saturday afternoon)

Have you ever been asked by a friend or co-worker to defend why you believe what you do? Or, have you ever avoided getting into a conversation because you didn’t want to get caught in the hot seat or look foolish? Jon’s dynamic presentation is designed to equip you with tools that will help you enter into and then guide conversations regarding any number of issues found in culture at large. Learn how to steer a conversation through the use of questions while keeping the burden of proof on the person making the claim. And yes, learn how to get out of the dreaded hot seat.

Hello My Name Is: Atheist (Saturday – interactive breakout session)

In this interactive role-play Jon puts on the hat of an atheist. During the discussion the aim is to show the participants their misunderstandings of atheism while highlighting the need for apologetics and learning why they believe, not just what they believe. This has proved to be a great eye opener for students and adults.

We are in need of Christian Youth Summit sponsors and donors to continue the tradition of making the Summit free. If you would like to invest helping the next generation stand firm in their faith with a gift, please donate here.


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