Day of Dialogue or Day of Silence: How Should Christians Respond?

Day of Dialogue or Day of Silence: How Should Christians Respond?

Tomorrow, April 12, is the LGBTQ focused Day of Silence where students are encouraged to disrupt school classrooms across America by remaining silent. In our culture today, homosexuality, transgenderism, and sexual immorality of all kinds are celebrated like never before. The vast majority of cultural influences in the media, entertainment, technology, and business sectors are no longer neutral, but are openly embracing these un-Biblical lifestyles and openly attacking and demonizing anyone who respectfully disagrees.

How should Christians respond?

  1. Pray
  2. Encourage your local schools to not participate in this divisive activity.
  3. If schools are openly encouraging participation then pull your kids out for the day and let your administrators know why. (schools are funded by their Average Daily Attendance)
  4. Take part in organizing a Day of Dialogue which does not disrupt the school day but simply encourages respectful conversations.
The Day of Dialogue is an important time when Christians can encourage respectful conversations about sexuality and the gospel on public school campuses.


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