Stephen Presents Prepare the Way’s Standing Firm Apologetics/Worldview Seminar in Dallas, Oregon

Join Stephen in Dallas, Oregon on Saturday Jan 15 for Prepare the Way Ministries’ main apologetics/worldview seminar called Standing Firm.

Worldview Conference

Survive or Thrive!

Empowering Christians to better understand a Biblical worldview and be able to apply it in our culture.

9am to 2pm,January 15,

BeckenRidge Vineyard

300 Reuben Boise Road, Dallas, OR

Part 1 (9-9:45 AM): Reliability of the Bible – Manuscript, External and Internal Evidence

Part 2 (10-10:45): What’s a Worldview and Why Should I Care?

Part 3 (11-11:45): Historical Revisionism

Lunch Provided (11:45)

Part 4 (12:30-1:10 PM): Applying a Biblical Worldview to Hot-Button Topics

Part 5 (1:10-1:30) Q & A

This seminar will give Christians practical tools and encouragement to better understand their faith and learn how to apply a Biblical worldview to any topic. It is also great for skeptics who want to investigate the claims of Christianity. Join us for a fun day of exploration into the truth claims of Christ and the Bible and how to engage the world more effectively with the Gospel.

Stephen founded Prepare the Way Ministries in 2006 following his involvement in a federal court case that gained national media attention. The case concerned the censorship of historical documents with Christian references from his 5th grade classroom. He became a believer in 2001 after studying the apologetic evidence for Christianity. He currently lives in Bend, Oregon with his wife and four children.

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Geared towards adults & youth Jr. high school age and above. A freewill offering will be taken to cover expenses.


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