Giving Tuesday: Help Us Equip Christians in a Biblical Worldview

Giving Tuesday: Help Us Equip Christians in a Biblical Worldview

We need your support in empowering Christians:

We are excited by what God has done through Prepare the Way Ministries in 2022 — our 15th Christian Youth Summit, inspiring testimonies from our published book, opportunities to speak nationally, and the privilege of watching lives changed. We would appreciate your help to continue this momentum in 2023–we can’t do it without you!

For Giving Tuesday, please make a one time donation or become a monthly supporter. We are particularly praying for more monthly donors. Thank you to all of our partners. Your prayers and support are equipping thousands of Christians to stand firm in their faith so they can stand for truth in our culture.

Reasons for Supporting Prepare the Way Ministries:

What’s the Problem?

Stats show that Christians of all ages in America are…

  • Confused about what they believe.
  • Not motivated to share their faith in Christ.
  • Afraid to live out their worldview outside of church walls.


  • Less than 5% of students ages 18-23 have a Biblical worldview. – Barna Group
  • “Most of our children are biblically illiterate… They do not know what to think about competing worldviews and belief systems.” – Revolutionary Parenting
  • “…the theological foundations of even the most faithful young believers seem, in some crucial ways, shaky or unreliable.” – David Kinnaman, You Lost Me
  • LifeWay Research found 70% of 18-22 year old Christians drop out of church.


  • Only 19% of self-proclaiming Christians in our country have a Biblical worldview. – Barna Group
  • Majority of adult Christians struggle with sharing their faith. – “Churchgoers Believe in Sharing Faith, Most Never Do” article and study by LifeWay

How does Prepare the Way help?

Our mission is to empower Christians to uphold a Biblical worldview. Christians who have a stronger worldview foundation are better able to engage our culture. We accomplish our mission in several different ways:

Christian Youth Summit (Bend):  Our 2-day conference equips youth (and parents) to build a stronger faith foundation and impact the culture around them. Nationally-known speakers help Christians answer tough questions of the faith and be able to clearly articulate the gospel more effectively.

Seminars and workshops: We partner with churches, Christian schools, and organizations, giving seminars and workshops on a variety of topics including:

  • Standing Firm: Equipping Christians to overcome key stumbling blocks in our culture and be ready to give a logical defense of the faith.
  • Navigating Public Schools: Charting a course to protect our kids’ Christian worldview and become salt and light in the school system.
  • America at a Crossroads: Exploring the Christian heritage of our nation, how it has been secularized, and ways Christians can answer God’s call to impact our culture.
  • Leading With a Pure Heart: Empowering men in the area of purity and equipping them to lead more effectively within their families, churches, and culture.
  • American Heritage Sermon Series: Invite Stephen to speak at your church or organization around one of these patriotic holidays with deeply Christian roots.

Published Book on Navigating Public Schools: Our book titled, Navigating Public Schools: Charting a course to protect your child’s Christian faith and worldview, continues to help believers. It is a powerful resource for all Christians involved in the public school system. Parents, students, teachers, administrators, volunteers and youth pastors.

American Heritage Girls Troop: Prepare the Way Ministries is the Charter Organization for Central Oregon’s only AHG troop. AHG is the premier Christ-centered leadership and character development ministry for girls aged 5-18.

Website and resources: We provide numerous resources for Christians at our seminars, on our website, as well as through regular emails to thousands of people on our lists. Check out our new website.


“I had been living the lie that faith is a blind leap. My father is an atheist. He is always trying to shake my faith. He was starting to get through to me. I was losing my faith. I am glad that the Summit was able to provide me with skills to defend and trust in my faith. Now I may even be able to convert him to Christianity…” – Teenager

“I left the Summit absolutely ignited with a passion to dig deeper, search further and discover more! I’ve always been one who has stood happily on faith alone. The amazing speakers and breakout sessions I attended put my faith into overdrive! … As a one who disciples, I was challenged to go even further in my studies that I might equip students better than I ever have in the past. Very exciting!” – Adult Leader

How Can You Be Part of the Solution? Prayerfully Consider Partnering With Us!

In 2021, we have spoken to thousands of people helping them to build a stronger Biblical worldview foundation. We might be a smaller ministry but thanks to you we are making a big impact for the Kingdom. We are praying for the Lord to expand the work He has called us to. But we need your help!

Please make a one time donation or become a monthly supporter. Thank you to all of our partners!


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