Are You Inspired by this College of Education Student?

Are You Inspired by this College of Education Student?

We continue to be greatly encouraged by the testimonies about our new book, Navigating Public Schools. One student pursuing a teaching credential at a secular university recently shared this testimony with us:

“This book was a breath of fresh air as I turned from page to page, rereading countless of them. As a Christian, I personally felt the words and experiences in this book….Many of my questions were answered throughout the book. Not only from the perspective of a Christian Educator but as a future parent. The text is encouraging, insightful, rich, and most of all, pure. I have recommended this text to many peers and will continue to praise it. I cannot thank you enough for sharing it with me…This text is by far the best text I’ve read the past four yours of college (so, thank you from the bottom of my heart).”

What is inspiring to us about this testimony is that this future teacher is really digging to find answers to complex questions. It can be confusing to be a Christian educator in public schools. Is it OK to share with your students that you are a Christian? If you bring up legitimate places where Christianity plays a key role in history, will you be accused of proselytizing? Can you be involved in after-school Christian clubs? Our book addresses these questions and points to great resources. For the sake of space, we only included a brief excerpt from this student’s email. However, in other communications with this student, we see a deeper desire to understand how she can legally integrate her vocation and faith. We have encountered many teachers just like her, who are confused about how their Christian faith should impact their teaching careers and who are hungry for resources. She was excited to become better equipped. We were inspired by her email and we hope you are as well.

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