My Thoughts on Unplanned After Watching the Movie With My Daughters (13 and 14 Years Old)

My Thoughts on Unplanned After Watching the Movie With My Daughters (13 and 14 Years Old)

I was deeply moved and impacted by seeing the film Unplanned last weekend with my two teenage daughters. I am thankful for the leaders in the film industry who had the courage and vision to make such a powerful film. One reason that I was so impacted by the film, and desire Christians across America to see it, is that I had a tragic first-hand experience with abortion before I came to Christ. As a college student and atheist, I wrongly encouraged a girlfriend to get an abortion. I watched as she fell into a deep depression after the abortion and I saw how abortion not only ends the life of a baby, but deeply wounds women and all those associated with it. I am thankful that I found healing in Christ after becoming Christian, but I still mourn that decision and pray for those impacted by abortion. 

Unplanned is powerful because it does not allow us to put abortion conveniently on the back burner of our consciences. We as Christians need a film like this to jar our convictions. Buying a movie ticket to see Unplanned is a simple and yet powerful way to say to our culture: We care about this issue. We care about the unborn. We care about the women who suffer at the hands of the abortion industry. It is the least we can do.

I encourage everyone to see this movie and possibly take your teenage kids. Hollywood, and many in the media, are trying to prevent this movie from being a success. In addition to blocking ads and social media accounts, they gave it an “R” rating. I’ve seen tons of PG-13 movies with massive amounts of blood and content that was far worse than this movie. The scenes are intense and anything but gratuitous. It is all profoundly true and accurate… and done in a way that most teenagers should be able to handle.

I highly endorse Unplanned. Join our family and ministry in supporting this important movie!


Stephen Williams (Founder/Director Prepare the Way Ministries)


  1. Allison Sternberg

    Wow Stephen, thank you for opening up and sharing something so personal from your past. That couldn’t have been easy! I am pained to hear that you have carried this with you through life, and I pray that the girlfriend in college has come to know the Lord or will come to know Him.

    I pray the Lord will use your testimony to help others who have had similar experiences to open up, repent, and find healing and forgiveness. And the best part is the newness that comes from forgiveness. Just look at what the Lord has done in your life, all whom you have impacted for the kingdom. Look at the beautiful wife and children He has given you! Look at the ways in which the Lord has worked in Abby Johnson’s life! His mercy is amazing! We will encouraging others to see this film. Thank you!

    Reply April 2, 2019
  2. Virginia Reber

    I agree, I saw the movie and it is a powerful movie that every Christian should see.

    Reply April 2, 2019
  3. Dean Gertner, Board Chairman, PRCCO

    Stephen, we were at the PRCCO sponsored premier. It was sold-out, PTL and a powerful presentation of the evils of Abortion, and the lies of Planned Parenthood. I agree that every Christian family with teenagers should see it together – what a conversation starter!

    Reply April 2, 2019
  4. Jodi Klein

    I thought “Unplanned” was extremely powerful and moving. It was well-acted and showed the truth about abortion – the loss of a precious life and the harm it does to women.

    Reply April 2, 2019
  5. Betty Edwards

    Amen Stephen. Terry and I were deeply impacted by this true non-condemning movie. Loved the statistics given of the power of prayer!!! Of course God heard the prayers lifted on behalf of these precious babies.

    Reply April 5, 2019

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