Navigating Public Schools on CBD-Help Needed

Navigating Public Schools on CBD-Help Needed
Our recently-published book, Navigating Public Schools, has just been listed on the Christian Book Distributors (CBD) website! The ultimate goal is to get it into their catalog.

If our book does well on the CBD website, they will place it into their catalog. This is a test run, so please click this link and purchase as many as you can. We would be blessed by having your help in this area!

The book is meant to empower Christians affiliated with public schools in any way to be a light for Christ on campus.

Prolific author, theologian, apologist and Biola professor, J.P. Moreland, said this, “Navigating Public Schools is a book whose time is come. It is clearly for such a time as this because, sadly-and many times, unintentionally-public school teachers and curricula are presented in such a way as to explicitly or implicitly undermine a Christian worldview. This book is overflowing with great, practical advice to parents who want to not only protect their children, but to empower them to live and think for Christ. Quite frankly, I cannot think of another book like this, and I highly endorse it.”

The book is also intended for teachers, administrators, volunteers and anyone involved with public schools. Please give a copy to all your friends and family.

Check it out on the CBD website today!


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