New Online Resource Page for All Christians in Public Schools

New Online Resource Page for All Christians in Public Schools

As a public school teacher for ten years, Stephen Williams saw firsthand the challenges facing Christians in public schools, and he desires to equip parents to protect their children’s faith and worldview…” – Josh McDowell

Prepare the Way Ministries just launched a brand new online resource page on their website to equip and empower all Christians involved in public schools!

Click here:

From our experience, three of the greatest concerns for Christians involved in public schools are 1) being isolated; 2) feeling ill-equipped to deal with anti-Christian issues; and 3) helping their kids stick with their faith. When Stephen speaks across the nation, many Christians have no idea how to find resources! If you are in public schools, become engaged and check out this resource page. You will be encouraged to see that you are not alone, that you have more rights than you think, and that there are many people out there who seek to help your kids stand firm in their faith.

Topics on the new webpage include: Resources to Download, Connecting with Campus Christian Ministries, Knowing Your Rights, Worldview Equipping, Links to Free Legal Help, and much more.

Please help us spread the word by sharing this with anyone you know involved with the public school system.

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  1. Sharon Nesteroff

    Around 1992 my pastor, at that time, had, during a evening service, shared that a UH study had found that the Constitution was about 95% from the Bible. There were about 8 quotes and other information supporting this study. I saved the notes he gave us. In about 2002 this same daughter was in public school and defending the faith in to an unbeliever when her teacher told her that she was breaking the law, in so many words. My sister-in-law had experienced the same kind of teacher attitude when her son was wrongly corrected for answering-in faith of God, as a young elementary student. She spoke to the teacher and fixed the problem. I did not know what the law said about sharing faith in school till I spoke to my sister-in-law, by that time it was summer. Thank you for your site/ information I am very excited to learn more truth- some I did already know. I did not know- the Bible is why the puritans promoted reading and grammar! What wonderful ministries. You are right- our lives can speak most about God’s glory by honoring Him with our actions and words through the Holy Spirit. Thank you and I hope to pass this on to my public school “family”.

    Reply October 16, 2018

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