Police Chiefs Apologize to Minorities for History of Mistreatment

Police Chiefs Apologize to Minorities for History of Mistreatment

We will be posting a few follow-up articles to our earlier post on the Black Lives Matter protests. Here is the first.

As reported by CBN News, the International Association of Chiefs of Police President Terrence M. Cunningham has officially apologized “for the actions of some officers against minorities.” (Photo: IACP/via Washington Post)

Cunningham issued the apology, CBN says, due to “the actions of the past and the role that our profession has played in society’s historical mistreatment of communities of color.”

“There have been times when law enforcement officers . . . have been the face of oppression to far too many of our fellow citizens,” Cunningham said.

This apology was desperately needed after the shooting in September by a Tulsa, Oklahoma, police officer of unarmed black citizen Terence Crutcher. As Christians, we are to apologize and try to make things right whenever we unjustly offend or hurt anyone, so it is extremely important that our public servants are doing so.

We all need to be praying and doing our part for justice and reconciliation of all kinds, especially for racial justice and reconciliation, given the recent riots and protests around this issue.

(Read the full CBN article here.)


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