Prepare the Way Ministries Gets Ready to Publish Book

Prepare the Way Ministries Gets Ready to Publish Book
Stephen and Sarah Williams are putting together resources to help Christians in the public school system.
Having resources to turn to can be the difference between living out your faith and reflecting Christ or being silenced by anti-Christian sentiments. It’s the difference between knowing how best to support those whose faiths are being challenged, or simply standing in the background. And presenting those resources, when it comes to building up parents and students in the public school system, is the topic of Prepare the Way Ministries’ upcoming book.

Stephen and Sarah Williams are pleased to announce that they are preparing a coauthored book that helps Christians involved in the public school system to protect their faith and worldview and live it out in schools. This spring, Prepare the Way will be publishing Navigating Public Schools: Charting a Course to Protect Your Child’s Christian Faith and Worldview.

This topic comes at a time when the statistics about kids keeping their faith is daunting. Roughly 60 to 80 percent of Christian teens walk away from the church when they leave home, and only about 5 percent have a basic Biblical worldview. Public schools have become increasingly secular environments with unique challenges for Christians.

This book will empower all Christians, parents, students, and staff to navigate public schools with the aim of equipping believers in what to watch out for, and helping them become salt and light.



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