Professor Mary Jo Sharp Will Tackle Tough Topics at the Summit

Professor Mary Jo Sharp Will Tackle Tough Topics at the Summit

Check out these speaking topics that will empower youth in a Biblical Worldview at our 12th annual Christian Youth Summit:

The Summit is coming up just two weeks from this Friday on March 8-9, 2019 in Bend, Oregon! Professor Mary Jo Sharp will be one of our keynote speakers and plans to discuss some challenging topics that youth struggle with, including the problem of evil, how to talk about your faith, and responding to accusations of intolerance. These talks are right in line with the Summit’s mission to “empower the younger generation in the Pacific Northwest to stand firm in their faith so they can stand for Truth in our culture.” She teaches Christian apologetics at Houston Baptist University and according to her popular website, “Confident Christianity is a Christian apologetics ministry founded by Mary Jo Sharp that addresses the hard questions of Christianity through research, writing, training and debate… Mary Jo is an itinerant speaker throughout North America… a published author with Kregel Publications, B&H Publications, and is the author of the top-selling Bible study, Why Do You Believe That? as well as Living in Truth with LifeWay Christian Resources.” Below are her upcoming speaking topicsregister NOW!

Conversational Apologetics

Whether you are just beginning to dig into apologetics or your knowledge is extensive, engaging in conversation can seem intimidating at times. This session will focus on four elements of good dialogue; including how to use common questions to uncover what people really believe and to spark a deeper discussion on belief in God.

Encountering the Problem of Evil in Everyday Conversations

The problem of evil is certainly one of the greatest obstacle to belief in the existence of God. It is commonly stated, “If God is good, why is there so much evil in the world?” However, it is also frequently stated in relationship to personal suffering, “If God is good, why did He allow my child to die?” This session is a three-step approach to how to recognize and effectively converse on the problem of evil in daily life.

Responding to the Intolerance of the New Tolerance

We live in a confused world in which the truth is exchanged for lie. One exchange that is affecting Christians is that tolerance is exchanged for intolerance. Not only are people unsure of what’s offensive or of what’s not offensive, it seems more and more that the term “offensive” is being associated almost exclusively with Christian beliefs. “Who are you to judge” and “that’s hate speech” are rampant slogans of our day. In this session, we will look at how Christians can respond to the accusation of intolerance.

Registration is FREE and required to attend. Click here to register now and for more information on this year’s event.


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