What Does Sean McDowell Think of our Youth Summit Keynote, Dr. Jeff Myers?

What Does Sean McDowell Think of our Youth Summit Keynote, Dr. Jeff Myers?

Sean McDowell has been one of the favorite Christian Youth Summit speakers over the years. You may be interested to know that Dr. Jeff Myers is actually one of Sean’s favorite speakers! This is what Sean McDowell had to say in one of his recent blogs:

“As a high school student, I went to a two-week worldview experience in the mountains of Colorado Springs called Summit Ministries. I had no idea what I was getting myself in to. Looking back now, over two decades later, I realize that it was one of the most formative faith experiences of my life….Although there were probably a couple dozen speakers at Summit… my favorite was Dr. Jeff Myers. He has since become a good friend of mine, and he is now the president of Summit Ministries, a vital worldview experience for students.”

In Sean’s blog, he interviews Dr. Jeff Myers and this was one quote that stood out to us. Dr. Jeff Myers speaks to thousands of students each year and he has a pulse on what is unique about this generation.

“Apologetics and worldview training are more important than ever—and students seem to engage with them more than ever. It is different, though. They need to know how their thoughts and feelings fit with how God created reality. They won’t engage unless it affects them personally. They won’t engage unless they can imagine how they can be credible talking with their friends. They won’t engage unless they feel safe—that the adults in their lives really care and won’t be scared off when they hear about what they’re really dealing with. They won’t engage unless they have a chance to talk and ask questions as well as process new information.”

The Christian Youth Summit is coming up in 3 weeks! Don’t miss out on hearing Dr. Jeff Myers and all the other great speakers. The Youth Summit has been a life-changing event for so many young people. We want you to be a part of it! Register now!



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