Should Christians Go To College These Days?

Should Christians Go To College These Days?

This fall I had the privilege of guest preaching to a congregation in Creswell, Oregon, not far from the University of Oregon. One college student came up to me after my Standing Firm apologetics/worldview talk and described his recent experiences at U of O. Growing up in a strong Christian home, he felt fairly equipped going into the secular university environment. However, when he took a religion class there, he said that seeds of doubt started creeping up. His professor used only resources from liberal scholars like Bart Ehrman, who feel only a small fraction of the Bible is actually reliable. His professors did not use a single resource from a conservative Christian scholar, although there are many. This student desired resources to help him and his friends defend their faith. What a joy to help equip a curious and intelligent student in the heart of the worldview battle zone.

Having had similar experiences with students while speaking in Texas and other locations this fall, it hit me once again that our students are in the midst of a worldview battle. That was not a great surprise. However, what I realized in University of Oregon’s backyard is that a few key and basic apologetic resources can go a long way. Often professors or Christian skeptics are not bringing up overly complex arguments with these students. Combatting these arguments is pretty easy. They simply need help from churches and ministries in this critical time of their lives.

Several popular books lately have discouraged Christians from going to college because of the anti-Christian worldview within so many universities. It is true that students and families must be cautious and prayerful about choosing an educational path. There are excellent options for trade schools and other career paths. However, we need Christian doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, engineers, scientists, dentists, professors, and other professionals. All of these jobs require a college degree. We need Christians to be a light in as many spheres of our culture as possible.

Prepare the Way Ministries has never prescribed a certain educational path for everyone. We feel that decision is between families, students and God. We desire to educate Christians about where culture is attacking a Christian worldview and help them become better equipped to defend their faith. Please consider partnering with us as we equip Christians to stand firm in their faith in this increasingly secular culture.

We received this feedback after my talk in Creswell, “In a culture that is both rejecting truth and embracing lies, now is the time for Christians to take a stand. Christianity does not require a ‘blind’ faith and Stephen’s ‘Standing Firm’ (Biblical Worldview) presentation does an exceptional job of equipping Christians to give a logical defense for what we believe. I particularly enjoyed Stephen’s defense of the reliability of the Bible. His approach is personable and engaging, connecting in a relevant way to a broad range of ages and backgrounds. As a denominational leader, I am thankful for Prepare the Way’s ministry to the local church (both large and small).” – Rob Walker, Evangelism & Church Health Strategist/Church Planting Catalyst, Northwest Baptist Convention, Oregon

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