Speaking Topics and Schedule – 2023 Christian Youth Summit – Register Now!

Speaking Topics and Schedule – 2023 Christian Youth Summit – Register Now!

Get fired up for another empowering Christian Youth Summit! Please register now as this might fill up. Registration is FREE and required to attend.

FRIDAY, March 17
(5:45 PM) Doors Open – Check-In and Seating
(6:15) Welcome (Bryon Mengle, Master of Ceremonies) & Worship Music (Youth-Led Worship Band)
(7:00) General Session #1: Ryan Pauly {Founder/President Think Well} – An Apologetic for Why God is Worth Getting to Know : Ryan talks to many students who simply seem bored with Christianity. They have grown up in a Christian home, attended Christian schools, and have gone to church every week. Their knowledge of God is limited to: God loves me, he has a plan for me, and Jesus died for me… Other students keep hearing about God but become bitter because they keep asking “Where is he? Does he even exist?”, only to never get their questions answered. In this talk, Ryan shows that when we understand how relationships are formed, then our students will grow into a deep, loving, committed relationship with God.
(8:20) General Session #2: Prof. Craig Hazen {Founder/Director Biola University Department of Christian Apologetics} – Christianity in a World of Religions: In this fast-paced and humorous presentation, Professor Hazen addresses the question of “how does Christianity stack up against the other great world religions?” Hazen delivers five unique features of Christianity that set it dramatically apart from the other major religious traditions.

SATURDAY, March 18
(9:00 AM) Welcome Back & Worship Music
(9:20) General Session #3: Ryan Pauly {Founder/President Think Well} – Resurrection: Real? Or Real Dumb?: All of Christianity rests on the resurrection of Jesus. In 1 Corinthians 15, Paul says that if Jesus did not rise from the dead then our faith is in vain. So, did Jesus really rise from the dead? Is it possible that the disciples experienced hallucinations of the risen Jesus or that the disciples stole the body? This talk examines the historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus and shows how the naturalistic theories don’t hold up.

(10:30) Breakout Sessions with Different Talks to Choose From (at 10:30 a.m. & 2 p.m.):
– Prof. Craig Hazen {Founder/Director Biola University Department of Christian Apologetics} – “Ask for Anything and You Shall Have It”–Jesus’s Over-the-Top Promises about Prayer: Jesus made several promises about the reality of prayer that just seem too good to be true. In this stimulating talk on John 15:7, Dr. Hazen concludes that Jesus really meant it! And that this promise from Jesus on prayer is one of the most exciting things in the Christian life.
– Ryan Pauly {Founder/President Think Well} How Relativism Undermines Your Faith in Christ
– Roy Swart {Founder Ambassadors Forum} – How we KNOW the Bible Is TRUE
– Dr. Sarah Williams {Co-Founder Prepare the Way & Ph.D. in Engineering/Microbiology} – Science and Christianity
– Mike Thibodeaux {Founder/President Simplicity Ministries} – Who Influences You?
– We’ll also have breakout sessions on A Pro-Life Apologetic in a Post-Roe Era, and a male-only session on walking in purity and a female-only session on identity.

(11:30) Lunch Provided (Chick-fil-A)
(12:35) General Session #4: Prof. Craig Hazen {Founder/Director Biola University Department of Christian Apologetics} – Reports from the Frontlines of Christian Engagement: A fast-paced set of stories and ideas to help students navigate apologetics and evangelism.
(2:00) Breakout Sessions (See above)
(3:00) Summit and Q&A with Panel: Prof. Craig Hazen, Ryan Pauly, Dr. Sarah Williams, and Others
(3:40) Closing and Prizes
(4:00) Conference Ends

For the past several years, we have offered this event for FREE in order to reach more students with the life-changing, faith-building messages delivered at the Summit. Please click here to donate and impact the faith of the next generation and to help us cover the many costs of putting on this event.


“I have NEVER been to a conference where I walked away with such great confidence that the kids I brought both gleaned truth and had fun.  I have been to many many different conferences and youth events, some of them big name ones, some smaller;  this was by far the most useful, spiritually uplifting youth event that I have ever been to. EVER!!!! No conference has ever (until now) provided to me or to the young kids that I minster to, the historical, scientific, logical reasons to believe in Christ. The kids I brought were blessed…”       – Youth pastor

“The first year I attended the Summit in 8th grade I had no idea about the challenges I would face concerning my faith in the next four years as I entered high school…because of the Youth Summit I was prepared for challenges to my faith that came along. Having been going to the Youth Summit for the past four years, I am now more equipped than ever to stand firm in my faith as I enter into our world with a Christian worldview that has been built on a firm foundation…”   – 16 year old

For more information about the yearly Christian Youth Summit, click here: www.ChristianYouthSummit.org


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