Speaking Topics and Schedule – 11th Christian Youth Summit

Speaking Topics and Schedule – 11th Christian Youth Summit

Dr. Jeff Myers, President of Summit Ministries, and Kim Meeder, Co-Founder of Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch, will be the keynotes for Prepare the Way’s 11th annual Christian Youth Summit in Bend, OR.

Every year, Prepare the Way Ministries brings together hundreds of youth and adults for an empowering Summit designed to help Christians stand firm in their faith, answer tough questions, and impact our culture for Christ. The Christian Youth Summit will be held March 16-17, 2018 and has a phenomenal line up of speakers this year. See below for the titles of the general session talks, as well as the breakout session topics.

Please register now. Registration is free and required to attend (even if you can only attend part of the conference).


(5:45 PM) Doors Open – Table Seating

(6:25) Welcome (Bryon Mengle, Master of Ceremonies) & Worship Music (Youth-Led Worship Band)

(7:00) General Session #1: Jeff Myers {Reality, Truth and Jesus} Today’s fake worldviews don’t meet our deepest needs but Jesus does. In this talk Dr. Myers shows how five often-overlooked teachings of Jesus answer our heart’s questions and give us hope.

(8:20) General Session #2: Kim Meeder {Choosing Jesus’ Hope Through Every Challenge} Pain, adversity and heartache will challenge every life. Thankfully, Jesus is already the Victor over every conflict we will ever face.  When we choose HIM through our hardships, we will be victorious too.


(9:00 AM) Welcome Back & Worship Music

(9:25) General Session #3: Jeff Myers {How to Identify Bad Ideas and Share the Truth} Bad ideas infect us like viruses. Here are the five fake worldviews that take many Christians captive, and how to respond with the truth.

Breakout Sessions with 8 Different Talks to Choose From at 10:30 & 2:

– Titus Kennedy, Ph.D., Jesus in Archaeology and History: This session will examine the archaeological and historical evidence for Jesus of Nazareth and the Gospel narratives through discoveries of ancient sites, artifacts, and manuscripts.

– Sarah Williams, Ph.D., Science and Christianity: We will explore the tension between science and Christianity, with an emphasis on origin of life issues and the theory of evolution.

– Rev. Stephen Williams, Navigating Public Schools: Charting a course to uphold a Biblical worldview and being a light for Christ in public schools.

– Mike Caba, D.A., Islam: An overview of the basic history, beliefs and practices of the Islamic faith.

– Ron Marrs, Ph.D., Best Practices for Churches to Attract and Retain Youth: In this workshop, the results of research by the Fuller Youth Institute will be presented from the book Growing Young which articulates best practices of churches who attract and retain youth.

– Leanne Woods, Sex and Social Media – The Battle of the Mind: We will take a look at how social media makes it difficult for a Christian to maintain Biblical purity when developing relationships with the opposite sex.

– Cameo Chambers, Redemptive Compassion: A Biblical exploration of how God has called us to love and serve our neighbors.

– Kent and Heather Wieber, Reliability of Scripture: Learn the mountain of evidence for the Bible as the inspired, authoritative, Word of God.

(11:40) Lunch Provided

(12:37) General Session #4: Jeff Myers {How to Stand for Truth–And Be Nice} Here’s a biblically-based strategy for combatting bad ideas in an inquisitive, friendly fashion that changes hearts and minds.

(2:00) Breakout Session #2 (See above)

(3:05) General Session #5: Stephen Williams {Closing Exhortation and Prize Drawings}

(4:00) Ends

Registration is free and required to attend. Just click the Eventbrite button on our web page.

For the past several years, we have offered this event for FREE in order to reach more students with the life-changing, faith-building messages delivered at the Summit. If you would like to sponsor a student(s) to attend the Summit, the real cost is $75/student. Please click here to donate and impact the faith of the next generation.


“I have NEVER been to a conference where I walked away with such great confidence that the kids I brought both gleaned truth and had fun.  I have been to many many different conferences and youth events, some of them big name ones, some smaller;  this was by far the most useful, spiritually uplifting youth event that I have ever been to. EVER!!!! No conference has ever (until now) provided to me or to the young kids that I minster to, the historical, scientific, logical reasons to believe in Christ. The kids I brought were blessed…”       – Youth pastor

“The first year I attended the Summit in 8th grade I had no idea about the challenges I would face concerning my faith in the next four years as I entered high school…because of the Youth Summit I was prepared for challenges to my faith that came along. Having been going to the Youth Summit for the past four years, I am now more equipped than ever to stand firm in my faith as I enter into our world with a Christian worldview that has been built on a firm foundation…”   – 16 year old

For more information about the yearly Christian Youth Summit, click here: www.ChristianYouthSummit.org


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