Stephen Speaks at Firm Faith Conference in Arizona

Stephen Speaks at Firm Faith Conference in Arizona

Stephen had the privilege of speaking at Parkside Church in Camp Verde, Arizona this past weekend. He was the keynote speaker at their Firm Faith Conference, and was a guest preacher at their two Sunday services. This welcoming and vibrant church is located about halfway between Phoenix and Flagstaff. The church community was excited to tackle the topics covered in Stephen’s Standing Firm seminar series. Stephen spent most of the conference focusing on the reliability of the Bible (manuscript, external and internal evidence), but he also covered the topics of worldview confusion, science and Christianity, and how we can influence an increasingly secular culture with the truth and hope of Christ.

Barna Research has shown that only 19% of Christians have a basic Biblical worldview and that most believers are not prepared to give a logical defense for the gospel. Increasingly, churches are recognizing that improving in these areas is key to how well a church body can stand firm in the faith and reach our culture more effectively. One conference attendee said this: “My wife and I both felt energized to ‘get after it’ and answer whatever call the Lord may be sending….I talked to other members who were energized as well.” Another said, “I really enjoyed your presentation…made me feel like I was back at Bible College 40+ years ago.”

Dr. Jim Baugh, Teaching Pastor at Parkside Church and leader with the Global Training Network, helped to organize the conference at his church. He said, “Our church was really encouraged and equipped through Stephen’s ‘Prepare The Way’ seminar on Apologetics. Not only did Stephen inform us, but he also gave clear instruction on how to use the defense of the gospel in our everyday witness with others.” Stephen was thankful to partner with him this past weekend and enjoyed his time with the Parkside congregation.

If you are interested in planning a seminar or talk at your church or organization, contact us. Stephen speaks on a variety of topics.

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  1. Benjamin Clifton

    Looks like a great conference! Blessings to you for your work in helping people know why they believe what they believe, and for the tools to share these reasons!

    Reply April 11, 2019

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