Thankful for Speaking Opportunities this Fall

Thankful for Speaking Opportunities this Fall

Stephen has kept busy this fall, with awesome opportunities to speak in a variety of places around Oregon. Contact us to invite Stephen to speak on some of Prepare the Way’s key speaking topics. Here are some ministry updates:

Navigating Public Schools, Lake Oswego, OR. Stephen was honored to be the keynote speaker at an event in Lake Oswego organized by Communities for Excellence in Education. He spoke to roughly 200 people about how students, parents, teachers, and staff can more effectively exercise their rights to live out their faith in a public school setting.

Eight-Week Apologetics and Worldview Seminar wraps up in Redmond, OR. Stephen was privileged to deliver eight Wednesday evening classes based on Prepare the Way’s comprehensive worldview and apologetics seminar series at Highland Baptist Church in Redmond, OR. He covered topics such as the reliability of the Bible, science and Christianity, revisionist history, and upholding a Biblical worldview in our culture. He so enjoyed his time with the HBC congregation and appreciated all the positive feedback.

Three-Week Navigating Public Schools Seminar in Redmond, OR. Stephen followed his apologetics seminar series at Highland Baptist with a three-week Navigating Public Schools seminar. He covered topics such as anti-Christian trends in school curricula, what our rights are in public schools, and how to legally live out our Christian faith in public schools. One highlight was discovering that a local school board member attended all three evenings. Stephen was fired up that this school board member felt more equipped and encouraged to influence public schools after attending.

Spotlight Apologetics Conference in Portland, OR. Stephen was a breakout session speaker and spoke on Navigating Public Schools. The conference drew a crowd of roughly 500 people from around the Portland area and beyond. Stephen enjoyed his time interacting with people passionate to know how to be a light in the public school setting.

Ekballo School of Ministry Hosts Prepare the Way’s Worldview and Apologetics Class in Bend, OR. Stephen started a school-year apologetics and worldview course at the newly-launched Ekballo School of Ministry in Bend, Oregon. He will cover various topics such as the reliability of the Bible and our rights in upholding a Christian worldview in the public arena. He was impressed by the enthusiasm and energy of the students at Ekballo and looks forward to continuing the series this winter.

Invite Stephen to speak at your church, organization, or small group.


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