Vaccine Religious Exemption Resources and Guidance

Vaccine Religious Exemption Resources and Guidance

With increasing numbers of vaccine mandates coming out across the country and here in Oregon, we want to help Christians navigate these increasingly tumultuous waters. Many are suddenly in a situation where their careers are being threatened. This can be a complex and emotional issue with many nuances, but one thing is certain, you should never be bullied into taking a vaccine. It is un-Constitutional and violates the First Amendment. If you feel you (or your kids) are being forced to take a vaccine, please pray about how best to respond. It might be that the Lord is calling you into another profession and/or state, but it might be that the Lord wants you to stand firm in your religious convictions and stand up against this abuse of power. After praying, if you feel that you are called to stay in your current position, please take advantage of these resources and follow up with legal help if needed.

One aspect of Prepare the Way Ministries is to provide you with resources in living out your faith. If you or your kids would like to claim a religious exemption from taking the COVID vaccine, you can download a religious exemption form from Liberty Council directly by clicking on this link:

Here’s another link to a ministry that is providing downloadable resources for anyone who doesn’t want to be forced to get a vaccine (they have free vaccine religious exemption forms with directions for people to use in all areas of work and school):

After filling out the forms and giving a copy to the appropriate person, if you are still being threatened, please get free legal help from Christian firms:

Pacific Justice Institute,

Liberty Council,

We are living in uniquely challenging times in the United States. Please pray for those whose careers are directly threatened right now – for wisdom and that they would get the legal help they need. Also contact your elected officials to express your support for religious and medical freedoms.


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