Biblical Worldview Class This Fall in Bend

Biblical Worldview Class This Fall in Bend

We are living in tumultuous times where there is great confusion. Youth, and most people, are trying to figure out what they believe and how to live it out. WWJD? COVID-19. Can you trust the Bible? Black Lives Matter. Protests. What are the essentials of the faith? Immigration and ICE. Am I really a Christian? Government. Marxism. Socialism, and so many “-isms.” Did Jesus really rise from the dead and does it matter? Social Justice. How do I share my faith more effectively? Democrat. Republican. Independent. What is a Biblical way of viewing all these things?

Prepare the Way is very excited to announce a fall class for high school students on the Christian worldview. The class will begin Sunday, October 4th in the evening and will utilize material from Anchors Away, as well as Prepare the Way Ministries. We will be partnering with Heather Wieber, who has facilitated AnchorsAway classes for many years. Sundays, Oct 4 – Dec 20, 6 – 8:15 PM at Summit Community Church, 63850 Old Bend Redmond Hwy, Bend, OR 97701.

Why Teach a Worldview Class?

Sadly, statistics show that 50-70% of teens raised in Bible-believing homes walk away from their faith when they leave home. Research also shows that only 19% of all “born again believers” in America have a basic Christian worldview and only 10% of teens. Although Christian worldview training may not be a top priority for teens themselves, we recognize the critical nature of shaping students’ worldviews before they leave home and desire to create a fun and interactive environment to explore the faith. This class is meant to be a relational, small-group approach to teaching a Christian worldview and will include snack breaks and discussion. The sessions incorporate movie clips and other ways of making the material relevant. Homework optional.

What Material Will Be Covered? 

As of now, the below topics will be covered, but things may shift a bit before the start of the class:

  • What is the Christian Worldview? 
  • What are the Five Major Worldviews?
  • Who is God?
  • Is the Bible Reliable?
  • Was Jesus Christ Resurrected? Why Does it Matter?
  • Is Jesus Christ God? What is the Trinity?
  • What is a Christian? Am I One?
  • Did Life Just Happen or Were We Created?
  • Does History Matter and How Does it Affect our Worldview?
  • What is a Biblical Worldview Towards… Government, Politics, BLM, COVID-19, etc?
  • How Can We Influence Our Culture for Christ?

Who Should Attend?

The class will be open to mature high school students. AnchorsAway gears its classes towards high school Juniors and Seniors, but we are also open to having younger high school students participate if they are interested. It is also encouraged (but not required) for parents to attend, as there will be separate discussion groups for parents. We also welcome adults who are interested in getting trained to run similar classes in the future in their communities and churches. Skeptics welcome.

Will There Be a Cost?

There will be a cost for the AnchorsAway student handbook (more details to follow). If cost is an issue, we may have scholarships available.

How Do I Sign Up?

Space will be limited, so if you are interested, sign up below to secure your place on the list. If the class fills up, we will use this Google doc as a wait list and take students off this list. We will then let you know the deadline to commit to the class and purchase the book.

We would cherish your prayers for this course.


  1. Julie Graves

    I am interested in signing up my teen daughter for the class

    Reply August 27, 2020
  2. Leena Swales

    We will be there.

    Reply August 28, 2020
  3. Dawn

    What day of the week? Time? Location?

    Reply August 30, 2020

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