Celebrating the Overturning of Roe v Wade and Responding to a “Summer of Rage”

Celebrating the Overturning of Roe v Wade and Responding to a “Summer of Rage”

There is cause for celebration today in light of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. Yet we are also aware that this decision brings great risk for not only our friends in pro-life organizations and Pregnancy Resource Centers, but also for churches across the nation. Already there has been disturbing violence against those standing for life. One of our former Christian Youth Summit speakers, Luke Cirillo, is the director of a Pregnancy Resource Center in Gresham that was fire bombed recently. This is a time to pray about how you personally, as well as your church community, can take action.

How Should Christians Respond to the “Summer of Rage”?

1) Pray – A “Summer of Prayer” would be a powerful response to the “Summer of Rage.” Urge your church leaders to step up efforts to pray as individual churches, as well as the body of Christ within cities. In Bend, we have the 24/7 Prayer initiative. Join others and pray for protection over our local Pregnancy Resource Centers, Pro-Life organizations, churches that stand for life, and Supreme Court justices. Pray for a right understanding within our culture that violence is not the answer to anger, continued protection for the unborn, and an understanding in our culture that human rights do in fact begin in the womb. 

2) Use Your Voice – Contact representatives and senators, as well as state and local politicians, and urge them to strongly condemn violence and speak out against the “summer of rage” rhetoric. Many politicians have taken a quiet approach to recent violence. For example, the Justice Department has not been enforcing laws on the books that prevent protests at Supreme Court justices homes. We call on the DOJ to enforce these current laws; by ignoring these laws, the DOJ is setting an example of selective enforcement of the law and thereby emboldening those who are malicious and lawless.

3) Support your local Pregnancy Resource Centers and Pro-Life organizations – Now more than ever, express your support for Pregnancy Resource Centers and Pro-Life organizations. Reach out and ask how you can pray for them and support them in this time. Many are having to pay for increased security around their buildings and need increased funding. There has been a string of violent attacks against pro-life organizations by groups that vocally support violence and terrorism, such as Jane’s Revenge and others.

We need to be aware that this Supreme Court decision simply puts the abortion laws into the hands of the states. In Oregon, Tina Kotek has helped enshrine abortion on demand throughout pregnancy including partial birth abortions. In some states, it’s stunningly legal even after the baby is born. Not much will change in many states and the work of Pregnancy Resource Centers and pro-life organizations is very critical.

This is a time of mixed emotions. Today, we both celebrate a right legal decision, yet also reflect on the fact that over 60 million abortions have taken place since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

Please pray and discuss with your church leaders how you can take action.


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