Christian Youth Summit – Now a Live Stream Event

Christian Youth Summit – Now a Live Stream Event

Due to Governor Kate Brown’s recent mandate that there can be no gatherings over 250 people, we had to cancel the Christian Youth Summit at Trinity Lutheran this weekend. We were very disappointed, as were many of you. However, we are excited to announce that the conference will now be a live stream event online.

Instead of having one large Christian Youth Summit in person here in Bend, we can now have many people participate from their living rooms and churches across the country. The more people participate in this online event, the more the heart of the Christian Youth Summit will gain momentum: to equip youth to stand firm in their faith and impact our culture. We know of many youth groups that are hosting viewing events.

Click this link and Subscribe to our YouTube channel:

Please share our YouTube Channel with all your friends and family and organize a gathering at your home, church or business. Then get together Friday evening and Saturday for the live streaming. See schedule below:

(6:20 PM) Welcome to the Christian Youth Summit Live Streaming Event
(6:30) Stephen Williams – The Reliability of the Bible: Are you ready to explain the reasons why the Bible is reliable? In this session we’ll explore critical evidence concerning the reliability of the Bible.
(7:30) Jonathan Noyes – Truth in a Relativistic World: We live in a relativistic world where truth has become secondary to feelings and pleasure. During this talk, Jon will explain the history of relativism, showing how it’s become the prominent belief in our society, influencing morality and the church. He will then offer some tools that help others see what’s wrong with relativism and why it doesn’t accurately reflect the world around us.
(8:30) Kim Meeder – Redemption: At nine years of age, Kim Meeder’s life was torn apart by her parents’ murder-suicide. On the day of their funeral, she experienced healing that only Jesus Christ can give and unique emotional comfort through a horse. She will share about rising through the pain and being redeemed by the hope of Christ.

(9:00 AM) Welcome Back
(9:05) Kim Meeder – Revival Rising: Kim will continue to share about the hope of Christ, which not only changes our lives, but empowers us to help others and impact our culture.
(10:00) Mike Caba, D.A., Archaeology and the Bible: An examination of 20 archaeological artifacts that support the historical reliability of the Bible and also help us to better understand the Bible.
(11:00) Anne Paulk, Biblical Compassion and Truth on LGBTQ+ in a Confusing Time: Gay friends, same sex sexual struggles, gender (is it tied to biology or not?), Anne will share her own story and cover these relevant topics from the expert guidance of Scripture.
(12:00) Cooper & Morgan Anderson, Things That No One Talks About – The Importance of Sexual Purity: Insights from a young married couple about how to navigate singleness and purity.
(1:00) Liberty Pike, If It’s Your Body, Is It Your Choice?: Prepare yourself with answers to common pro-choice myths in this workshop from someone who has engaged with the pro-choice movement for 15 years.
(2:00) Jonathan Noyes – Tactics: How to Discuss Spiritual Things: Have you ever been asked by a friend or co-worker to defend why you believe what you do? Or, have you ever avoided getting into a conversation because you didn’t want to get caught in the hot seat or look foolish? Jon’s dynamic presentation is designed to equip you with tools that will help you enter into and then guide conversations regarding any number of issues found in culture at large. Learn how to steer a conversation through the use of questions while keeping the burden of proof on the person making the claim.
(2:50) General Session #5: Youth Summit Panel Q&A
(3:15) Streaming Ends

Each speaker will talk for about 40 minutes, then there will be 15-20 minute break for you all to discuss the topics. Click here to download the program curriculum binder with all the speakers notes, resources and discussion questions. We couldn’t get all the breakout sessions in. This folder link will also contain the slides that some of the speakers will be presenting from so you all can follow along. The title of the talk is the title of the PDF file.

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  1. Karen L Elliott

    Praying for you and all aspects of the event…technology, speakers, financial support, health.. May God use the change in plans to get the message out
    to even more people than would have originally been reached!

    Reply March 13, 2020

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