Apologetics Workshop in Redmond–Standing Firm

Apologetics Workshop in Redmond–Standing Firm

1:00 pm 3100 SW Highland Ave, Redmond, OR 97756 0

Join Stephen as he presents an abbreviated version of Prepare the Way’s apologetics seminar, Standing Firm.


  1. Who?  Speaker: Stephen Williams of Prepare the Way Ministries (to Adults and Youth, Middle School and above, parents and adults encouraged to attend)
  2. What“Standing Firm: Equipping Christians to overcome key stumbling blocks to a Biblical worldview in our culture and be prepared to present a logical defense of the faith.” (Free to Attend, Offering Taken)
  3. When/Where?  Saturday, October 14th, (1:00-4:00pm) / Highland Baptist Church – Redmond, 3100 SW Highland Ave. Redmond, OR – in the New Youth Room (Park and enter from the West side of the campus)


What’s the Problem?

  • Are Christians ready to give a logical defense of the Christian faith to non-believers?
  • Why are over 50% of Christian youth walking away from their faith when they leave home?
  • What are the key lies that contribute to this compromise and why is there a worldview crisis within the body of Christ?

The Reliability of Scripture

  • Why is the Bible the most reliable document of antiquity? (Bibliographic Evidence)
  • How do we know the Bible is historically and archaeologically accurate? (External Evidence for Christianity)
  • Were the authors of the Bible eyewitnesses and were they detailed and accurate? (Internal Evidence)
  • How can we respond to skeptics?

Post-Modernism & Worldviews

  • What is a worldview and why does it matter?
  • What is post-modernism and how does it contend with reality, truth, and a biblical worldview?
  • Why is a Christian worldview the most rational, reasonable, and logical?
  • Practical overviews of logic, reason, truth; cosmological, teleological, and moral arguments for God.

Influencing Culture

  • Why is every Christian a leader?
  • What would happen if the 60 million Bible-believing Christians in America intentionally purposed to influence and impact the culture around them?
  • How can Christians impact their spheres of influence in schools, workplaces, communities; social issues and who God is calling to be His hands and feet?


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