Worldview Ambassadors – NEW Initiative – Launching Spring of 2023

Worldview Ambassadors – NEW Initiative – Launching Spring of 2023

Prepare the Way Ministries is excited to announce a new approach to equipping Christians with a Biblical worldview. We are launching a new initiative called “Worldview Ambassadors.” This is a multifaceted approach to getting more Christians involved in worldview equipping. We will start meeting in the spring and go through a variety of worldview/apologetic curricula with the goal to train up and launch worldview ambassadors who can lead small groups in their churches and spheres of influence.

This initiative is going to be a great opportunity not only for adults, but for the whole family as well. Our first series will likely take place at Summit Community Church, Bend, OR, and at other churches throughout the year. The evening gathering will be around 6-8pm.

Here are some of the curricula we will be choosing from: Prepare the Way’s Standing Firm (Worldview/Apologetics), America at a Crossroads, Navigating Public Schools; FOTF’s The Truth Project, Does God Exist?, Is the Bible Reliable?, Who is Jesus?; Alpha (Evangelism); Summit Ministries (Worldview); Anchors Away (Worldview);

Why Get Involved in Worldview Equipping?

We are living in tumultuous times where there is great confusion. Youth, adults and most people, are trying to figure out what they believe and how to live it out. Can you trust the Bible? What are the essentials of the faith? How do I share my faith more effectively? How can we become more effective ambassadors for Christ?

Sadly, statistics show that 50-70% of teens raised in Bible-believing homes walk away from their faith when they leave home. Research also shows that only 19% of all “born again believers” in America have a basic Christian worldview and only 10% of teens. This initiative is meant to be a relational, small-group approach to teaching a Christian worldview and training leaders to be worldview ambassadors.

We would cherish your prayers for this initiative.


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