FCAs Fields of Faith Around the Nation and in Bend

FCAs Fields of Faith Around the Nation and in Bend

Have you ever wondered how you can be a light for Christ in public schools? Fellowship of Christian Athletes is hosting its annual Fields of Faith event Wednesday, Oct 9, in Bend at Mountain View High School. Come and be inspired to live out your faith more boldly on campus.

My oldest daughter Maggie is running for the Summit High School Cross Country and Track teams. The Lord has given her many opportunities to share about her faith in Jesus Christ through her athletics. FCA is a valuable organization which helps empower Christian students and coaches to live for Christ and use their athletic ability as a platform for ministry. If you are involved with athletics in any way, please join an FCA group or start one at your local campus.


Click here for a link to the details of the event. Wednesday, Oct 9, 6:30 PM. Jack Harris Stadium, Mountain View High School


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